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Solo exhibitions 2

■ Art as a Game, Gdansk City Gallery, Gdansk, Poland, 2016
■ Nearby – far, Gdansk City Gallery, Gdansk, Poland, 2016

Group exhibitions 7

■ International exhibition of drawings, The 4th INTERNATIONAL ALGIMANTAS ŠVĖGŽDA DRAWING CONTEST, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015
■ ReAkcje 3, Krakow, Poland, January 2015
■ Art by slowing, Das Kunstfestival, Nachbarschaftstreff Schillerkiez Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2015
■ The best ISP diplomas, Labyrinth Gallery, Lublin, Poland, 2014
■ Lithographic Confrontations Sidor/Garczyński, Lublin, Poland, 2014
■ Review of Contemporary Polish Lithography, BWA Kielce, Poland, 2013
■ Lithography from the archive of the WA UMCS in Lublin, House of Words, Lublin, Poland, 2013

Awards 1

■ 1st place in the Painting Competition of the Colours of the Forest, XXVI International Outdoor Sculpture and Painting Field of Art, Rodów, Poland, 2016

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